Wedding Venues in North GA Trend Prediction: Dark Colors

 Fall is approaching faster than we think. “Dark” is not limited to blacks and greys. Brides and their wedding directors love to experiment with navies, maroons, forest greens and even deep purples. The decorations don’t even have to stay a classic, bright white, which may be better fit for spring or summer. Grey will be chosen as an accent color to keep the décor chic. As the leaves begin to change, brides may lean towards a deeper red color scheme. When the leaves are gone, greens will become popular as well. Luckily, a Georgia mountain wedding is fitting for any season and any of these darker colors you come across will fit perfect. Our wedding venue, tucked away in the mountains of North Georgia, would love to accommodate to any color scheme you see fit. These dark schemes will be beautifully on trend for an outdoor Fall 2019 Wedding.